Small Connections Program for Parents

If you have that gut feeling that has you wondering or a drive to seek information and knowledge then this program is for you.

Join me as we explore communication development and unpack powerful, everyday actions that make a difference for our children.

It is the small, everyday connections that we have that build and grow our personalities, our language and the heart of who we are.

Feel Informed

Access to evidence based strategies that build your child’s talking skills in everyday small moments.

Peace of mind

Sleep easier knowing that you have the tools and resources to support your child’s talking.

Perfect for time poor families

All our strategies are easily incorporated into your daily routines and everyday activities.

Understand where you child is currently at

Always building on strengths and what you see in your day to day interactions. Providing a clear pathway of support.

My mission is to get timely and actionable information to families who are looking for it…

I would love to be your Speechie friend.

Let’s connect….