Keen to feel confident with helping your young child learn to talk.

I can work with you one on one via Zoom to support your understanding of what your child is doing and ways that you can support their talking and speaking. For over 20 years I have worked with families and communities to support young children’s communication development.  I would love to talk with you if you are looking for a Speechie friend.

Roslynn Higgins said “Bonny was amazingly helpful and caring at supporting me in learning what was “normal” for my child’s speech development and fun light hearted ways to encourage my daughter’s development. She helped alleviate my worrys and concerns and empower me to keep supporting my little girl in ways that help my daughter feel good about herself and her communication. Thank you Bonny”

You are your child’s best teacher

If you want to learn more about our Program for Parents which will give you clear strategies for building your child’s language and communication skills as well as building your knowledge and confidence. Click here.

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