11 Things that Speech Pathologists wish every parent knew!

Learning starts early

Learning to talk starts the moment a baby is born.

Hearing Matters

Make sure your child can hear you,recurrent ear infections can cause hearing loss.

Be Conversational

Conversations are like tennis matches-we take it in turns to have a go sharing information.

Little moments matter

There is magic in the small moments of family life,make the most of small connections

Speaking clearly takes time

Speech sounds follow a pattern and it is normal at different ages to not speak “Correctly”.

Get support if you need

Childhood (and how children develop) is a marathon, not a sprint. We all pace ourselves differently, we all have our own path and personal best.

A support crew who understands us will get us over the line.

Routine is important

The things you do everyday matter.

Routines allow for predictable conversations which help learning to talk.

Follow their lead

Follow your child’s interests when talking with them. Tell them about what they are interested in and looking at.

Sing Often

Songs, nursery rhymes, cultural stories and oral history- share it always.

Encourage bookworms

Let your child touch books, let them eat books,share books with your baby from the very beginning.Every.Single.Day.

Gasp! Your child isn’t perfect!

They are imperfect, just like their parents.

Celebrate their perfect imperfections.

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