First words and when to expect them.

The days are long, but the years are short.

I remember hearing this quote and loving it. Because in the early days the days are remarkably long.

This young gentleman graduates from high school this week.

The photo on the right is him this week in all his formal splendour.

I cannot believe how the time has flown.

I recall the moment of his birth.

The moment he first started to walk.

The time when he started to talk.

His first days in daycare.

His first day at school.

Now here we are and tomorrow is his last day.

In the moment sometimes it all feels so very big.

I was reflecting on his development last night.

I remember the first time he got sick and foolishly we went to the hospital as we were so scared. Yes, it was just a cold.

I remember when the daycare carer came to me and said she was worried about him, as he was falling over all the time. You know it is bad when they come to you with their concerns as it cannot be easy saying to a parent – “I am worried”. You need to be genuinely very worried.

What had happened though was he learnt to walk around 11 months.

Then by 18 months he had at least 50 or so words and was using single words consistently.

Then his language exploded and he went from single words to phrases over the period of about a month.

It was in this month that he kept falling over.

It was like his brain was directing all its neurons to learning language that walking got put to the side for a while. Multi-tasking was not his strength! (I guess it is no ones really).

However, once two words phrases were his new norm, his walking was fine again.

By 2 years he was speaking in short phrases and walking just fine.

As a rule of thumb by:

  • 15 months your baby is likely to have about 10 words
  • 18 months they are likely to have 50 words. This amount is often considered the minimum amount to start to combine words into phrases.
  • 2 years between 200 and 300. By now they are typically combining words into 2 word phrases
  • 2 and a half about 450 words and lots of phrases.

If you would like to know more about what to expect at what age I have developed an e-book of typical milestones and how to support your toddlers talking.

You can find it here.

Now, to get ready for the next phase of his life as he heads off to Uni.