Christmas gifts that are great for building language!

Christmas – I am in shock that it is nearly upon us.

I was asked recently about gifts that are great for building language.

It got me thinking, so here are my thoughts about gifts that are great for building language.

Truthfully,any gift that you can talk about together is perfect for language development.

Any gift that your child adores is great as it will motivate them to talk.

However, for those that are keen for some more definitive suggestions. I think the following are wonderful ideas for children under 5.


You can never get too many of these in my opinion. I love going to my local bookshop and chatting with the hugely informative people who work there. They are fonts of knowledge and can direct you to the perfect book for your child’s age, stage and interests.

Recipe Book

Cooking is a fantastic way to build language.

All the food to talk about.

All the ‘doing’ words such as mixing, rolling, cutting, chopping, washing etc.

First, next and then, last. There is so much to talk about when cooking with young children.


Lego / Duplo

My eldest got his first lot of Lego at 3 years. I remember us buying through eBay a stash of Lego. This was the beginning of what became regular gifts for all the kids. We have large amount of Lego now and even at 11, 14, 15 and 17 we have Lego out every holiday. It is timeless.

This may in fact be the first Christmas where no Lego is received!

Although it might be on my youngest daughter’s wish list. I am one of those people that tend to leave gift buying until after the 20th December. Every year  I plan to change that but here we are and it is the 18th December and we have barely started.



For the younger child these can be great. They give you a lot to talk about.


Dolls / Trucks / Animals

All the things that allow your young child to develop their pretend play. You can’t go wrong.


However, the ultimate gift is your time.

Which is one of the reasons why I love this season so much as it allows us time to slow down.

I love those days when there are no shops open, nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

Just together.

My favourite kind of day.

The space between Christmas and New Year is always special.

I tend to read copious amounts!

I have a couple of ebooks that you might be interested in for some holiday reading!

 If you are a parent of a toddler and you are looking for ways to support the words to come then you can head here for the essential tools for supporting your toddlers talking

 Or if you are just looking for an ages and stages reading material with some strategies to support language development then  head here for my communication milestones ebook.