The four steps to CALM Connection

Small Connections is about helping parents feel calm and confident supporting the development of their young child’s language and talking.

There are four key ingredients to having CALM connection and communication with your young child. This then allows for talking and language to grow and develop.

These four CALM ingredients are:

Connection: How we feel, what we do.

Activity: Is it age appropriate and fun?

Language: Do you know what to expect and when?

Motivation: Both for the child and for the parent.

A bit like baking a cake really. You can shake up the mix but as long as you have these core ingredients things will typically come together.

Over the next few weeks we will explore each of these ingredients.

If you are having any niggly feelings and want to connect with me, my goal is to be your Speechie Friend.

Over the years I have seen many families that would see me and I could put their mind at ease and others where some extra tools in their tool kit were needed to support their child’s talking and language development.

I support families to build language foundations one step at a time. If we can improve their language and their connection with others we can improve their world.

If you are keen to go on the waiting list for my next Program for Parents, a two week, online program to build confidence and provide understanding and tools to support your young child’s talking, speech and language development. Pop your name on the waiting list here.

The power of being face to face…..

One very powerful way to engage and connect with your child is to get to their eye level and be face to face with them. This helps them to connect to you, to know that you are talking to them, it helps them understand and to listen to you.

Recently my crazy dog ate a macadamia nut and needed surgery to remove it. She then had to stay quiet in a cage for about 2 days to allow it to heal. I had taken her out to go to the toilet and then when it was time to go back in she refused to come to her name. I found myself kneeling down to be eye level with her and then calling her name. She came to me immediately. Connection to someone or in my case my dog in this instance allows easier communication and conversation.

By getting down to your child’s level and being face to face it lets them know you are listening, you are there and you care.

Give it a go……crouch down to their level or lift them up to yours.

If you are looking for peace of mind and keen to learn powerful, everyday tips and tricks to support your child’s talking then pop your name down here and you will be first to know.